our experience

BEATTY CPA LLC is a results oriented firm with a combined practice of over 40 years of experience. BEATTY CPA LLC provides a vast array of professional services for domestic and international high net-worth individuals and businesses. We provide services to the executive suite, inbound and outbound entities and their respective personnel. In addition to the “traditional” tax services, BEATTY CPA LLC focuses on delivering “value-added” services and solutions to its clients. We strive to provide clients with unparalleled service and solutions based on the highest ethical standards and professional excellence, with the goal to exceed expectations.

our professionals

The Firm is staffed with highly credentialed, seasoned professionals who possess extensive experience and expertise in their respective practice areas. This affords our clients with a level of service that is unparalleled among our peers. Our team has provided a high level of technical assistance to clients all over the world. With this, our team has the ability to approach our client relationships from many angles, providing more comprehensive and relevant solutions.

the tools we use

In addition to investing in the best and brightest minds, the Firm has invested in highly technical and comprehensive research and practice tools, allowing the Firm to address complex domestic and international transactions. Our philosophy is that a professional services firm, providing deep technical expertise, should have the tools necessary to address these complex issues. Therefore, the Firm has committed to investing in the same tools used by the largest service providers.