Dawn M. Beatty, CPA

Managing Member

Dawn graduated from Texas A & M University in 1985 with a BBA in Finance.

Dawn has worked for two of the Big 4 accounting firms, a top five firm, and a large local Houston firm.  Her concentration includes compliance and consulting needs of business entities and executives. A significant portion of her clients have international transactions. Client industries include distribution, manufacturing, retail, and service.

Representative Experience Includes:

  • Submitting private letter rulings; advising on various changes in accounting methods including IRC Sec 263A, gift cards, overall accounting methods, and submission of Form 3115; advising on changes in accounting periods and submission of Form 1128; outbound international tax consulting on doing business in foreign jurisdictions, inbound international tax consulting on doing business in the US coupled with the sale of a foreign entity, international tax consulting regarding the sale of intellectual property to a foreign entity; assisting clients with becoming compliant with their foreign financial assets including submissions under the Offshore Disclosure Program and Streamlined Disclosure Program.
  • IRS representation including successfully defending a client under an LMSB audit with Uniform Cap, DPAD, multiple CFCs, foreign tax credits, transfer pricing, and multiple shareholder loans resulting in a no change audit; filing amended returns to change status from PFIC to active business resulting in a seven figure refund; filing amended returns to change passive activities to material participation resulting in six figure refunds, successfully responding to a full compliance audit for individuals with seven figure income with multiple Sch Cs resulting in a no change audit; and responding to a lifestyle audit resulting in a no change audit.
  • Federal and international tax compliance including consolidated Forms 1120 with Forms 5471, 5472, 1118, 8832, 8858, 926; Form 1065 with Forms 8804, 8805, and 8813; Form 1120S; Form 1040; Form 1040NR; and Form FinCEN 114. State tax compliance.